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Aug 09, 2013· Nickel Plating using a Caswell kit. Skip navigation Sign in. ... tank plating nickel, nickel plating, - Duration: ... Zinc Plating Steel on the Cheap and Applying Yellow Chromate ...

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Feb 18, 2011· Zinc/nickel alloy deposits can be produced using either an alkaline or chloride process. The alkaline zinc nickel has a higher operating cost than the acid zinc nickel, mainly because of the lack of soluble nickel anodes in the alkaline system. They are not possible in the alkaline systems.

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Dixie Industrial Finishing Company's commitment to quality and service enabled the company to become a Premier Plating Shop in North America. Link to: Zinc Plating / Electro Galvanizing. Zinc Plating. LEARN MORE. Link to: Zinc-Nickel Rack Plating. Zinc-Nickel Plating. LEARN MORE. Link to: Vibratory Finishing. Vibratory Finishing.

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Electroless nickel plating; Nickel electroplating is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of nickel onto a metal object. Electroless nickel plating is an auto-catalytic reaction used to deposit a coating of nickel on a substrate. Unlike electroplating, it is not necessary to pass an electric current through the solution to form a deposit.

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Process of Zinc-Nickel Plating. 2004. A. Mr Rama Rao Yellamanchi Namaskaramandi. Zinc Nickel Plating is used for automotive components which are exposed to higher temperatures as found in engine components where other alloys such as Zinc Iron fail easily or Zinc Cobalt does not withstand the tempering caused by engine temperatures.

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Electro nickel plating, also known as nickel electro-deposition, is becoming an increasingly popular process for a variety of different manufacturing applications. Electro nickel plating is a process that uses an electrical current to coat a conductive material, typically made of metal, with a thin layer of nickel.

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Alloy electroplating offers outstanding salt spray protection. At Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc, we offer high zinc nickel platings. Higher nickel content is ideal for outdoor industries seeking more than 1,000 hours protection to red rust and superior strength.

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Zinc-nickel (12-15% nickel) 8 µm thickness. Neutral salt spray performance: The coating is suitable for parts that are formed or crimped after plating, the zinc nickel giving good corrosion protection (sacial) even if forming is severe enough to cause cracking of the deposit.

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Zinc Nickel Plating (Alkaline & Acid) Zinc-Nickel Plating for Environmentally-Friendly Corrosion Resistance. Zinc-Nickel (Zi-Ni) is the auto industry go-to solution for corrosion resistance. It was recently approved by Boeing as a cadmium replacement. Its performance can be formulated to meet a range of corrosion-resistant specifications.

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BFG is a large volume plating and painting contract shop with facilities in Pennsylvania and New York. With 18 processing lines and a wide variety of coating configurations most applications can be handled. BFG is highly automated in its processing and controls providing consistent quality and reliable delivery.

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High Quality (and Safe) Nickel Plating: Just like my popular copper plating instructable, the aim of this is to do high quality, low cost, and safe electroplating. We will also be making our own electrolyte from scratch instead of buying chemicals online. If you've looked at my copper ...

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Zinc Nickel Plating. Zinc-Nickel electroplating is an acid coating that is used in the protection of steel, cast iron, malleable iron, copper, and brass. Zinc-Nickel is recognized as an environmentally safe alternative to cadmium electroplating. In specific applications, Zinc-Nickel demonstrates equivalent, or better, corrosion properties when ...

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Nickel electroplating is a process of depositing nickel onto a metal part. Parts to be plated must be clean and free of dirt, corrosion, and defects before plating can begin. To clean and protect the part during the plating process, a combination of heat treating, cleaning, masking, pickling, and …

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Industrial Zinc-Nickel Plating. Zinc-Nickel plating is one of the best corrosion resistant finishes available offering over 5 times the protection of conventional zinc plating and up to 1,500 hours of Neutral Salt Spray test performance. Used to protect steel, cast iron, brass, copper, and other materials, this acid coating is an environmentally safe electroplating option.

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Whether it's barrel plating, rack plating, copper plating, nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, tin plating, tin nickel plating, tin lead plating, silver plating, gold plating, indium plating, lead plating, zinc plating or chromate conversion plating, we know electroplating. NBP is here to make you and your parts look great.

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Zinc Nickel Plating. Zinc nickel is an alloy plate consisting of electrodeposited zinc and nickel. When a chromate conversion coating is applied, this finish offers some of the best corrosion resistance available, in excess of 1000 hours salt spray when tested per ASTM B117. The finish is functional and not for aesthetics as the alloy lends ...

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Barrel Plating Specialists . Wolverine Plating Corporation specializes in barrel plating services, specifically Zinc (Zn) and Zinc-Nickel (ZnNi) alloy. Whether you have an exact specification that needs to be met or need an engineered-solution for a specific need, we have been meeting customer needs since 1956. Why Barrel Electroplating?

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Aetna Plating, Cleveland Ohio, specializes in rack plating, barrel plating, nickel plating, cadmium plating, zinc plating, aluminum coatings, copper plating, silver ...

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Welcome To Medina Plating. Medina Plating Corporation provides the highest quality of rack zinc, zinc iron and zinc nickel alloy plating. With over 50 years of experience, Medina Plating supports the automotive, industrial, and consumer industries as a leader of plating in the Midwest.

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Zinc Nickel plating can also serve as a "sacial" coating for an underlying substrate — corroding before the metal underneath is effected. During salt spray testing, zinc nickel coated parts can withstand the formation of white rust for up to 500 hours, and up to 1,000 hours for red rust.

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Sep 29, 2011· This requires plating two (duplex) or more different kinds of nickel (semi-bright and bright nickel for duplex; high-potential and particle nickel). Nickel deposits also offer more wear resistance than softer metals such as copper or zinc, and thus can be used when wear resistance is needed.

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May 03, 2018· Zinc electroplating is one of the most popular methods that is used all around for the purpose of electroplating. It is a very cost-effective process, and is mostly used to provide a protective coating to metallic substances such as nuts, bolts, fasteners, …

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Zinc is a hard, brittle metal that is found in abundance in many parts of the world. Zinc electroplating offers an inexpensive alternative to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Its relatively low cost makes the zinc plating process the top choice for companies looking for affordable corrosion protection. The zinc acts […]

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Zinc. Zinc is an electrolytic plating process that acts as a sacial coating to protect the substrate from corrosion. A conversion coating of chromate can be applied after zinc plating to increase the level of corrosion resistance. Zinc plating with chromate can also be used to improve adhesion of secondary paint operations.

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Our business is built on adding value to customer product via the application of corrosion inhibiting coatings, focussed on, but not limited to Zinc and Zinc Nickel electroplating, Zinc Flake, Powdercoat, SurTec 650 and wet paints.

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Nickel Plating Services – Nickel Deposit Properties. Nickel is a silvery-white metal with a slight golden or yellow hue. As-deposited electrolytic nickel can have a very bright reflective shine, a satin appearance, or a full-dull matte luster.

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We provides quality zinc nickel alloy plating services with a focus on the automotive industry. Our zinc-nickel plating process is proven and extremely reliable for taking an alkaline electrolyte and depositing 12% to 15% nickel.

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Plating Kits, Electroplating Kits, Aluminum Anodizing Kits, Gas Tank Sealer, Metal Polishing & Buffing Supplies. Do it yourself with plating kits from Caswell Inc. Selling chrome - nickel - cadmium - brass - gold - silver and metal polishing supplies.

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An Exceptional Zinc and Zinc Nickel Electroplating, Trivalent Black, Trivalent Yellow, Trivalent Clear Metal Finishing Company. Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc offers both trivalent black and hexavalent black chromate as two of our many options for zinc plating services.

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Zinc Nickel Plating in automated lines providing nickel alloy of 12% + nickel content and ROHS compliant chemistry. Substrates of powdered or sintered metal and iron castings can be coated. Rack plating and barrel plating volume automated production service provided.